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A Human Electrophysiology, Anatomic Data & Integrated Tools (HeadIT) Resource

An online resource for human electrophysiology data and analysis tools

The EEGLAB signal processing environment for electrophysiology is being used in hundreds of laboratories around the world. It is our hope to sponsor the development of a data and allied tools resource that will allow convenient sharing, download, and re-analysis or meta-analysis of sophisticated human electrophysiological data sets. NIH funding for the HeadIT resource was granted to UCSD PIs Makeig and Grethe. Nima Bigdley Shamlo is currently directing technical development. Three EEG studies are currently publicly available at

Visospatial task data

We are also making available (below) a 238-channel, single-subject EEG data set recorded at the Swartz Center, UCSD reocrded by Arnaud Delorme, Julie Onton, and Scott Makeig. Results of studies using the (5-box) visuospatial selective attention task performed by the subject in this experiment have the subject of several papers (see below), Some results for this data set have also been published in two papers: Delorme, Westerfield, & Makeig (2007) and Makeig & Onton (2009, in press). The five-box task was first developed by Jeanne Townsend and Marissa Westerfield in the laboratory of Eric Courchesne at UCSD (1996).

Papers analyzing these data sets

Data downloads

For ease of download, the data set has been split into five EEGLAB datasets (each ~100Mb), each concatenating several 1-minute blocks of data in which the subject covertly attended to one of the five possible target locations. Consult the EEGLAB menu item 'Edit > About this dataset' for each dataset for the meaning of the event codes. Study the Five-Box task description ' file before attempting to analyze the data.

Reference papers on the 'five box' task