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Editorial: The first decade of EEGLAB 2001-2011

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Links and Documentation

Download EEGLAB

EEGLAB hardware and software recommendations
Download EEGLAB
EEGLAB extensions
EEGLAB revision history
How to download the EEGLAB development version using SVN
Bugzilla database for EEGLAB (see also Bugs and Suggestions)


List of EEGLAB functions called from Menus
All EEGLAB Functions
EEGLAB vs. Commercial EEG Software
EEGLAB and Fieldtrip
EEGLAB and high performance computing
Using EEGLAB to process MEG data
EEGLAB and MEX functions to recompile
Independent Component Clustering Example
EEGLAB discussion list (use the Google box on the EEGLAB home page to search the archive)

Other local downloads

EEGLAB extensions and plug-ins
Download tutorial dataset (4.1Mb)
Datasets from a visual attention task
STUDY datasets for component clustering. Data from same task as above (48 MB).
Same STUDY but without the actual data (cluster measures available for plotting) (48 Mb).
Channel Location Files download
Datasets from a visual categorization task
Binary version of the runica() infomax ICA decomposition function
Download EEGLAB test scripts

EEGLAB Workshops

Mugs from the 17th EEGLAB workshop
Future workshops
The online EEGLAB Workshop - Includes online videos, slides, and tutorial materials!
Seventeenth EEGLAB Workshop - San Diego, CA, USA (2013)
Sixteenth EEGLAB Workshop - Aspet, France (2013)
Fifteenth EEGLAB Workshop - Beijing, China (2012)
Fourteenth EEGLAB Workshop - La Palma, Mallorca (2011)
Thirteenth EEGLAB Workshop - Aspet, France (2011)
Twelfth EEGLAB Workshop also known as the online workshop - San Diego, CA, USA (2010)
Eleventh EEGLAB Workshop - Hsinchu, Taiwan (2010)
Tenth EEGLAB Workshop - Jyväskylä, Finland (2010)
Ninth EEGLAB Workshop - Sydney, Australia (2009)
Eighth EEGLAB Workshop - Aspet, France (2009)
Seventh EEGLAB Workshop - Bloomington, Indiana (2009)
Sixth EEGLAB Workshop - Santiago, Chile (2007)
Fifth EEGLAB Workshop - San Diego, CA, USA (2007)
Fourth EEGLAB Workshop - Aspet, France (2007)
Third EEGLAB Workshop - Singapore (2006)
Second EEGLAB Workshop - Porto, Portugal (2005)
First EEGLAB Workshop - San Diego, CA, USA (2004)

The EEGLAB Tutorial Outline

Quick tutorial resources

Online EEGLAB Workshop - Includes online videos, slides, and tutorial materials!

Download the 2011 Wiki Tutorial as a PDFbook

Quick ICA Component Rejection Tutorial

EEGLAB Tutorial

Getting Started

I. Single Subject Data Processing

II. Multiple Subject Processing

III. Advanced Topics

IV. Appendix

This tutorial was written by: Arnaud Delorme, and Scott Makeig

Many thanks to Hilit Serby, Nima Bigdely, and Toby Fernsler for additions and or edits. Thanks also to Payton Lin for capturing some images in earlier versions and to Micah Richert, Yannick Marchand, Elizabeth Milne, and Stefen Debener for their detailed comments. In addition, thanks to all those who have contributed code and suggestions to EEGLAB, and to Devapratim Sarma for converting and updating the EEGLAB documentation to a WIKI.