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Third EEGLAB Workshop

Singapore, November 15-18, 2006







EEGLAB is an open source Matlab environment for EEG, MEG and related electrophysiological signal processing released as open source software in the public domain under the Gnu Public License by the Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience (SCCN) of the Institute for Neural Computation at the University of California San Diego in La Jolla.

EEGLAB has been used by the Swartz Center team and many other laboratory groups to publish results in leading journals including Science, Journal of Neuroscience, Nature, Neuroimage, Trends in Cognitive Science, and PLOS Biology. As an open source project, its functionality can and may be easily extended to include many types of electromagnetic data analysis.

The first two EEGLAB workshops were held in La Jolla, California and in Porto, Portugal. The purpose of the third EEGLAB workshop will be to introduce EEGLAB to those considering its use in their research and to accelerate the transition to more advanced uses of EEGLAB for current research users and developers.

The workshop will be held in a seminar room and a computer room of the SingHealth Auditorium in the heart of Singapore. Through our local organizer is Mike Chee, workstations running EEGLAB will be available for use by participants, who may also choose to use their laptops with Matlab pre-installed (1 GB+ RAM strongly recommended).

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