FMRLAB revisions

4.0 - Jun. 6, 2007
version 4.0 released
New Features:
  1. More ICA decomposition options available, including
     - binary ICA excutable
     - skewed ICA decomposition
  2. Option to remove global image mean before ICA decomposition.
  3. Suggesting potential component(s) of interest by measuring the 
     compactness and connectedness of component ROA map.
  4. Options to sort resultant components:
     - component power
     - component kurtosis
     - component skewness
     - component variance
     - component map complexity
  5. Nicer user interface for exporting selected component activation 
  6. Spatially normalizing exported component ROA maps using flirt
     routine as implemented in FSL package (with permission from 
     Prof. Steve Smith and Dr. Marc Jenkinson). 
  7. Component model number estimation based on Bayesian information

3.0 - Aug. 27, 2004
version 3.0 released
New Features:
  1. Selecting significant voxels for component ROA based on 
     percentile criterion.
  2. ROA complexity measurement.
  3. Re-rand components according to component power (default), 
     kurtosis and skewness of a component map, component variance,
     and complexity of ROA map.
  4. Report the ranking criterion currently used in FMRI dataset.
  5. In "Check Images" and "Extract Brain Voxel" windows, the displayed 
     images for specifying slice(s) to show can be specified by users.
  6. Add "Model Selection" method to evaluate possible number of components
     using PCA option.
  7. Add functions to export coordinates and z-values of significalt 
     voxels from component maps.
  8. Add event structural, event editing, and event browser tool.
2.3 - Sep. 23, 2003
version 2.3 released
New Features:
  1. New component browser allows users to display all slice images
     in one compact display.
  2. User plug-in capability in new component browser.
  3. New GUI adjusted automatically according to the environment (
     e.g., window size).
2.2 - Aug. 08, 2003
version 2.2 released
New Feature:
  1. Speed up the display of Component Browser. (However, this might
     cause some memory problem in windows platform. Please be sure to 
     turn virtual java machine off.) 
  2. Fix some reported and known bugs in visualizing component maps
     in SPM-compatible ways. 
2.1 - Jun. 09, 2003
version 2.1 released
New features:
  1. FMRLAB was ported to windows platform
  2. Revise the component browser with a new GUI and new functions
     - New image display window
     - Display more image slices with page up/down switch
     - Calculate PVAF according to the z threshold
  3. 'run_fmrlab()' to set up FMRLAB environmental variables

2.0 - Feb. 06, 2003
version 2.0 First release.