[Eeglablist] EGI 3.0b2 .raw files

Arnaud Delorme arno at salk.edu
Wed Nov 27 10:26:50 PST 2002

Dear Vignesh,

Cooper Roddey in our lab is currently working with Phan Luu at EGI to 
import various EGI formats. The new function will be included in the 
next EEGLAB revision (probably in two weeks). In the meantime, I can 
email you our update of the function. We have 5 different EGI raw data 
files of different version and we will also make some of them available 
for public download.
I hope this help.


Pomona Neuroscience wrote:

> Hello, this is the Weekes/Lewis Neurolab at Pomona College.  We're 
> presently using EGI's Net Station  3.0b2 (development features 
> enabled) to record raw EEG/ERP. We are having trouble importing a .raw 
> file into EEGLAB 4.03. We were wondering if anyone could lend us a 
> copy of .raw file that they successfully imported, so we can look at 
> what sort of parameters are setup in Netstation as well as EEGLAB.  
> Our email address is neurohouse at hotmail.com. Also, has anyone noticed 
> an improvement when using Netstation 3.0 final candidate with respect 
> to exporting files for  EEGLAB? As far as we can see, the only format 
> that can be imported into EEGLAB from Netstation is Simple Binary .raw 
> files...is this necessarily the only format?
> Thank You,
> -Vignesh Arasu
> p.s. Under the File menu, we have only been "Saving As....", not 
> "Exporting"  our files. We don't quite see the distinction, but the 
> "Exporting" option has always been grayed out, so there has been no 
> choice but to "Save As".
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