[Eeglablist] What data is NetStation giving me?

Caroline Brown, Experimental Psychology Caroline.Brown at bristol.ac.uk
Tue Dec 3 07:11:34 PST 2002

Hi all

I have data from a study which I need to analyse:
Start with
Continuous .ses files (backed up by default as converted-to-microvolts,
therefore with no impedance / zeros stored) for each participant.

Epoched individually to each of 4 conditions (M1;M2; K1;K2) per 
-768ms to +1280ms (@250Hz recording rate): ==>
0-192pts (pre-onset); 192-512pts (post-onset)

Converted to TEXT files (.txt)
SHOULD therefore give ASCII files of size 512 x 129 (Rows by Channels).

ASCII files of size 449 x 129 

Which portion is missing? 
How can I possibly identify onset if I don't know what the data refers 

Does anybody know why the conversion lost the 62 points, where they 
were lost from - if it was just the beginning, good I can simply 
calculate onset from the remaining points? Or though not crucial WHY 
does the conversion lose the data?

Caroline Brown

Dr C C Brown, Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol
Tel: 0117 928 8545
Caroline.Brown at bristol.ac.uk

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