[Eeglablist] Send us electrode location files

Arnaud Delorme arno at salk.edu
Thu Dec 5 16:35:01 PST 2002

Because of the current limitations with importing/exporting channel 
location files into EEGLAB, we are thinking of extending the 
capabilities of the channel importing/exporting function.
We would be gratefull if some of you could email us (simply reply to 
this email) the channel location files they use in as many native format 
as possible (EGI, Neuroscan, Loreta, Besa, ...), using spherical, 
carthesian or polar coordinates. However, only send native formats, not 
custom ones (though the future function will also be able to import 
custom channel location files).
Many thanks in advance


ps: These channel location files may also be distributed along with 
EEGLAB for other users (you can state that you only want to have you 
location file tested and we won't distribute it).

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