[Eeglablist] [PMX:####] Having memory size problems, how do people handle this?

Jim Kroger jkroger at nmsu.edu
Tue Jan 11 16:44:17 PST 2005

Hi, we're trying to analyze EEG data collected with a Biosemi 128 channel 
system. Some of our data files are around 3 gigabytes. We started with 
Windows and Matlab, but have since purchased the newest Suse for our Dual 
Opteron IBM Intellistation APro and have installed 64 bit Matlab and 
EEGLAB. Still, today when we tried to load a 2 gig file, we got a Matlab 
out of memory error. When we installed Suse, we allocated 7 gigs to it, and 
we made a 2 gig swap partition. We presume we have it things set up so that 
it uses the swap partition as desired (??). We have one gig of ram for each 
processor; as I understand it, the machine shares these so that the 
processor we are effectively using to run Matlab has 2 gigs available.

Where do we need to tackle this problem? Should we increase swap? Is our 
problem too little RAM? Is it just impossible to work with files above a 
certain size?  If the latter, how do you Biosemi users approach this problem?

Many thanks for any info,

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