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Tom Campbell, Ph.D. tom.campbell at helsinki.fi
Wed Jan 26 04:52:43 PST 2005


As something of a newcomer doing rather standard ERP analyses for the time 
being, one thing that I am interested in doing is computing the average 
amplitude in a window of integration in a given time range (e.g. 62.5-67.5 
ms post onset) that is centered on a given group averaged peak (e.g. at 65 
ms at Cz). 

This sort of thing is/was available in Neuroscan 3.x STATS using AREA ON 
and a template. I figure it did something like a high sampled spline fit 
in a given the template time range for each electrode, a spot of integral 
calculus to calculate the area under this curve and then divided by the 
duration of the template range on the time axis. (Please, suggestions for 
a book on this would be appreciated).

Please may ask if there are functions to do this method for calculating 
amplitudes in a given range in EEGLAB?

Alternatively, please is there a simple way to access the data structures 
that store the ERPs used by pop_plotdata()? 

Suggestions welcome.
Parhain terveisin,

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