[Eeglablist] Small question about eegplot.

Arnaud Delorme arno at salk.edu
Mon Jan 31 15:08:48 PST 2005

>1) I would like to know how can I capture the beggining and the end of the 
>marked segment on the eegplot screen.
>Obviosuly, this data is needed by the REJECT button but I can not find this data
>in the code. Are they internal variables?
As explained in the "eegplot()" function header, it is available in the 
variable "TMPREJ" in the global workspace if you launch "eegplot()" with 
a non-empty command, for instance:

eegplot(EEG.data, 'command', ' ');

The first two rows of "TMPREJ" indicate the beginning and end 
respectively of each window in data points. The functions 
eegplot2event() and eegplot2trial() can process this array.

>2) How does the eegplot function reach the eeg_eegrej function? I thought that
>there should be a reference to eeg_eegrej IN the eggplot code but I couldn't
>find it.
As explained above, "eegplot()" uses the optional input command 
parameter to do so (which is added to the "eegplot()" call by the 
function "pop_eegplot()" called from the EEGLAB menu).


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