[Eeglablist] filtering data

Kevin Guise guisek1 at mail.montclair.edu
Wed Feb 9 12:03:57 PST 2005


I am trying to band pass filter my eeg data between 1 and 30 Hz.  I noticed that EEGlab uses a fourier transoform and what appears to be an ideal band pass filter. I have some experience using such a method to filter digital images for stimuli, and found that I get 'ringing' in the image using ideal filter functions.  Might this be the case while filtering one dimensional eeg data?  Might it be advisable to use a butterworth function? Basically what I am wondering is this: does eeglab use the fourier filter because I do not have matlab's signal processing toolbox? If so, does anyone know of a preferred algorithm that I may use in lieu of the one incorporated into the program? Thanks for your help


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