[Eeglablist] Importing event values from Biosemi

AngeGslng at aol.com AngeGslng at aol.com
Sat Feb 26 10:13:36 PST 2005

Im wondering if anyone has encountered the problem I am having importing 
event values from Biosemi, if so maybe they could point me in the right direction?

When I import from BDF I specify channel 41 as event channel- this seems to 
work fine for my stimuli triggers, these have been set on triggers 1-8 but the 
response triggers set on 9-16 do not seem to get picked up. (I realise this 
must be something to do with the 8 bit masks used when downloading chan 41 but 
not sure how I can get around the problem).
I have tried downloading without specifying an event channel then going into 
import event info.  This does import a set of values but seems to import too 
many! Could this be something to do with the preprocessing transform? the 
stimuli triggers are extracted with the 8 bit mask and I am only using 1 response 
key - If anyone has experienced anything similar I would appreciate some advice 
as to the best way round the problem.  

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