[Eeglablist] Power spectra and others

jingli at fmmu.edu.cn jingli at fmmu.edu.cn
Thu Mar 3 07:17:25 PST 2005

Dear all:
I am a beginner in matlab but I have to complete my PhD thesis that is about the
analysis of rat EEG in matlab. I have acquired 10G data of rat EEG. I prefer the
power spectra method. Would someone please tell me:
1. How to perform power spectra analysis of multichannel EEG(8 channels) in
matlab? I hope the unit of the vertical axis is microV^2, but not dB ,nor
2. How to calculate the absolute power and the relative power of EEG at a certain
frequency band in matlab? is it possible to do it in EEGLAB
3. How to change the unit of the vertical axis from 10*log10(microV^2/Hz) to
microV^2 in EEGLAB?
4.How to remove the ears from the figures because what I want to plot is not for
human but for rat?

Thank you very much

Jingli at fmmu.edu.cn

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