[Eeglablist] References on ICA algorighm; mixing matrix?

Jim Kroger jkroger at nmsu.edu
Fri Mar 4 12:13:10 PST 2005

Hello.  We wish to know more about the algorithm used by EEGLAB to do 
ICA.  Looking at the reference list for "EEGLAB: an open source toolbox for 
analysis of single-trial EEG dynamics including independent component 
analysis," it seems the best sources are the chapters in "Advances in 
Neural Information Processing Systems," which we unfortunately don't have 
immediate access to. So, we wonder what references would be recommended to 
understand the algorithm for ICA, as well as the Matlab implementation of it.

Particularly, we wonder if a mixing matrix that maps components to 
electrodes is computed during the calculations, whether it is separately 
computed for each "trial," and how we can access this matrix in Matlab.

Thanks much,

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