[Eeglablist] BCI2000 Workshop (Satellite to 2005 BCI Meeting) - Request for response

Gerwin Schalk schalk at wadsworth.org
Mon Mar 7 08:51:50 PST 2005

Greetings to the EEGlab community,

We are planning the first BCI2000 Workshop as a satellite to the 3rd 
International BCI Meeting and we need your response to gauge the number 
of people who will participate.

As you might know, BCI2000 is a general-purpose system for BCI research 
and development. It can also be used for other data acquisition and 
stimulus presentation purposes. This system has been used to replicate 
or extend current BCI methods in humans, and has recently been used in a 
number of groundbreaking BCI studies. BCI2000 has to date been acquired 
by about 45 groups around the world who use it for a variety of BCI or 
other studies. The system is available free of charge for research 
purposes to academic and educational institutions at http://www.bci2000.org.

While BCI2000 comes with comprehensive documentation for end-users and 
software engineers, there have been numerous requests for a BCI2000 
Workshop that can introduce current or potential BCI2000 users to the 
general concepts the system is based upon, to the necessary programming 
required to extend the system, and to the practical application of the 
system using various BCI methods. We felt that the upcoming 3rd 
International BCI Meeting in Rensselaerville (June 14-19, 2005) offers 
an ideal opportunity to hold the first BCI2000 Workshop. This workshop 
will take place on June 13 and 14 close to Rensselaerville, immediately 
before the 3rd International Meeting which begins in the evening of June 
14th. (The specific venue for the BCI2000 workshop is yet to be 
determined. Furthermore, participation in the BCI2000 workshop does not 
guarantee participation in the 3rd International BCI meeting as the 
number of participants is limited. (If you have questions about the 3rd 
Intl. BCI meeting, please contact Theresa Vaughan at 
vaughan at wadsworth.org.) The first day will mainly be concerned with 
theoretical aspects and the second day with practical applications of 
BCI2000. The tentative program is as follows:

Monday, June 13 -- Theory
o General concepts of BCI operation using BCI2000 (Gerwin Schalk)
o BCI training and user issues (Dennis McFarland)
o Software engineering and extensions to BCI2000 (Juergen Mellinger)

Tuesday, June 14 -- Practice
o Configuration, conduction, and analysis of sensorimotor rhythm 
experiments (Febo Cincotti)
o Configuration, conduction, and analysis of P300 experiments (Febo 
o Other configurations

We anticipate a registration fee of about $250-$300 per person, which 
will include lunches, refreshments, and meeting materials such as 
tutorials, etc. In order to plan the appropriate venue for this exciting 
event, we need to know how many people plan to attend. Thus, we request 
that the people who would like to attend pre-register by the end of the 
day on Wednesday, March 16, by simply emailing to dzhang at wadsworth.org. 
Please understand that your response will define the size of the venue, 
and that you may not be able to participate if you do not pre-register.

We are very enthusiastic about this event and are looking forward to 
hearing back from you. Also, if you have any comments as to what topics 
you would also want to be covered, please let us know.

Best regards,
Gerwin Schalk
Gerwin Schalk
Research Scientist III
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Albany, New York 12201
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e-mail schalk at wadsworth.org
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