[Eeglablist] Electrode coordinates

Miguel Sota Zuñiga msota at tp.com.pe
Wed Mar 9 07:10:15 PST 2005

Hi all:
I have a eeg data imported from a text file, which was recorded in columns 
like this:
"Time offset", "Fp1T3", "C3T3", "O1T3", "Fp2T4", "C4T4", "O2T4", "C3A2", 
"C4A1", "Fp1C3", "C3O1", "Fp2C4", "C4O2", "Fp2Fp1d"
Each data was acquired from bilopar electrodes, for instances, Fp1T3 means 
measured between standard position Fp1 and T3. Notice that Fp2 is repeated 
3 times. 
I´ll appreciate if someone could help me to know the coordinates (polar, 
xyz, .. whatever) of this positions which I would use in EEGLab readlocs 
Miguel Sota
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