[Eeglablist] References on ICA algorighm; mixing matrix?

Scott Makeig smakeig at ucsd.edu
Wed Mar 9 08:50:07 PST 2005

The Bell & Sejnowski paper of 1996 does not cover the complete algorithm 
used in runica/binica. A succient technical summary was given by Tony 
Bell in the Jung et al. IEEE Proceedings paper of 2001.

Scott Makeig

Jim Kroger wrote:

> Hello.  We wish to know more about the algorithm used by EEGLAB to do 
> ICA.  Looking at the reference list for "EEGLAB: an open source 
> toolbox for analysis of single-trial EEG dynamics including 
> independent component analysis," it seems the best sources are the 
> chapters in "Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems," which 
> we unfortunately don't have immediate access to. So, we wonder what 
> references would be recommended to understand the algorithm for ICA, 
> as well as the Matlab implementation of it.
> Particularly, we wonder if a mixing matrix that maps components to 
> electrodes is computed during the calculations, whether it is 
> separately computed for each "trial," and how we can access this 
> matrix in Matlab.
> Thanks much,
> Jim
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