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Marco Congedo marco.congedo at irisa.fr
Thu Mar 10 01:57:38 PST 2005

Dear Miguel,

   If you download the free LORETA-Key package you will find a file with
realistic coordinates in Talairach space for 103 electrodes, that is,
all you will need in most situations.

To download, visit


Marco Congedo

> Hi all:
> I have a eeg data imported from a text file, which was recorded in columns
> like this:
> "Time offset", "Fp1T3", "C3T3", "O1T3", "Fp2T4", "C4T4", "O2T4", "C3A2",
> "C4A1", "Fp1C3", "C3O1", "Fp2C4", "C4O2", "Fp2Fp1d"
> Each data was acquired from bilopar electrodes, for instances, Fp1T3 means
> measured between standard position Fp1 and T3. Notice that Fp2 is repeated
> 3 times.
> I´ll appreciate if someone could help me to know the coordinates (polar,
> xyz, .. whatever) of this positions which I would use in EEGLab readlocs
> function.
> Thanks
> Miguel Sota
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