[Eeglablist] having trouble with the reject-button command

Maarten Mennes Maarten.Mennes at med.kuleuven.ac.be
Fri Mar 11 02:03:19 PST 2005

hi all,

I'm currently working on an automatization script for preprocessing our 
data (importing, filtering, cleaning etc). I keep having trouble with 
the 'command' you can specify when hitting the REJECT- button using the 
eegplot() script.

If I hit the REJECT button I want to remove selected dataportions (duh), 
but I also want to automatically save the new set using a name specified 
in my script, followed by the next preprocessing step.

I found that using eegplot() you could specify a command executed when 
hitting the REJECT-button. However, hitting the REJECT-button always 
gives me this error-message: "??? Error: Missing operator, comma, or 
semicolon. ??? Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback." Even when 
trying to execute something simple as displaying a variable. I also get 
this error message when specifying scripts which normally do work.

So, two questions: 1. what's wrong with the/my REJECT-button-command?
2. Do I always have acces to the TMPREJ-variable when hitting the 
REJECT-button using the eegplot() function? Even if I specify my own 
script/function (which will use the TMPREJ values)?


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