[Eeglablist] Electrode placement for the mu rhythm

Deirdre Hackett deirdre.hackett at ucd.ie
Fri Mar 11 02:44:07 PST 2005

I have only one channel and would like to record the mu rhythm on the left 
hemisphere. What is the best placement for the two active electrodes and the 
reference electrode? Everyone else has multiple channels and records 
laplacian and CAR references.
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> In EEGLAB, the sub-folder "sample_locs" contains sample location files 
> with electrode coordinates in spherical besa space (not tailarach as 
> below). With Robert Oostenveld, we have written functions to convert from 
> one coordinate frame to the other (the new version of Dipfit -not 
> available yet- uses realistic electrode coordinates in the MNI space, 
> which is compatible with SPM2).
> Arno
> Marco Congedo wrote:
>>Dear Miguel,
>>   If you download the free LORETA-Key package you will find a file with
>>realistic coordinates in Talairach space for 103 electrodes, that is,
>>all you will need in most situations.
>>To download, visit
>>Marco Congedo
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