[Eeglablist] having trouble etc, update

Arnaud Delorme arno at salk.edu
Fri Mar 11 14:42:27 PST 2005

Dear Maarten,

Maarten Mennes wrote:

>eegplot(EEG.data, 'srate', [1000], 'eloc_file', 'chanlocs20_summer.loc', 
>'command', 'mm_reject_lp30c;')
I have made the eegplot() function add a semicolon automatically at the 
end of the command.

>Is there any possibility to acces the TMPREJ-matrix u get when using 
>eegplot() before actually hitting the REJECT-button so that I can use 
>this data in one of my own scripts?. I discovered that the "data-to-be-
>rejected" are stored in the figure handle 'UserData.winrej'. However, 
>I'm currently unalbe to acces the winrej matrix. 
Yes, the rejected data is stored in "userdata.winrej". To access it, you 
can simply type

userdata = get(gcf, 'userdata'); % if eegplot() is the current figure or
userdata = get(findobj('tag', 'EEGPLOT'), 'userdata');



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