[Eeglablist] Re: grand averaging

pickard at telusplanet.net pickard at telusplanet.net
Mon Mar 14 12:11:58 PST 2005

I have data for 23 subjects (out of a projected 50) for a task with two 
conditions.  What would be the most effective way to look at the data to 
determine trends/differences within subject and across conditions, etc.:

1.  average the segmented eeg data for each subject and then use the "sum/
compare ERPs" function?

2.  average the segmented eeg data for each subject AFTER running the ICA 
function for each subject and then "sum/compare"?

3.  A different strategy?

3.  Before averaging, do I need to, for example, transfer the data to BESA to 
get a standard 81 electrode file/set-up, so that I have a standard format in 
order to compare/average different individuals (as their electrode locations 
vary according to size of net used/size and shape of head)? 

Thanks for your help!  

Patti Sorensen 

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