[Eeglablist] Events, Markers and Annotations

Alois Schloegl alois.schloegl at tugraz.at
Mon Mar 21 03:25:52 PST 2005

Dear members of the EEGLAB mailing list,

Some of you might already know about the project "BIOSIG - an open 
source software library for biomedical signal processing" 
http://biosig.sf.net. Parts of BIOSIG are already included in the 
lastest distribution of EEGLAB and you can load most formats through 
Menu->File->Import Data->From other formats using BIOSIG. BIOSIG is 
licensed with the General Purpose License (GPL) and contains many useful 
functions for biomedical signal processing. One of the key features is 
its common interface to approx. 40 dataformats.

Within BIOSIG, the approach of encoding Events, markers and annotions  
is a ono-to-one code-table according to biosig/t200/eventcodes.txt. The 
events are grouped into several problem-specific classes. All events are 
encoded in 16bit integer numbers, the highest bit encodes On- and 
Offset. The latest version of the table of eventcodes is available at:

The event encoding is also supported by the powerful viewing and scoring 
software SVIEWER which is part of BIOSIG. SVIEWER has all the standard 
features of a viewer (e.g. scrolling, scaling, etc). Additionally, event 
and marker information can be displayed and edited.

The encoding table is prepared for extension to other application areas. 
However, there might be different/conflicting interests for including a 
certain encoding scheme. Therefore, I'm contacting you now and ask you 
for suggestions on the extension of the encoding table for events.

If you are interested in discussing BIOSIG, encoding of EVENTs and 
related topics, feel free to participate in the newsgroup 
news://tu-graz.biosig at the server news.tugraz.at or send an e-mail to 
<a.schloegl at ieee.org>

Best regards,
     Alois Schloegl

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