[Eeglablist] need help on Galileo Planet 200 file format

Anton A. Popov anton.popov at ieee.org
Mon Mar 21 06:33:47 PST 2005

Hi, dear EEGLab group!
My question doesn't concern the EEGLab but maybe somebody can help us.
   We are applying to you because we encounter a problem while using the
EEG recording device Galileo Planet 200 of ESAOTE.
   We are joint research group from Institute of neurosurgery of Ukraine
and National technical university of Ukraine. Galileo Planet 200 is the
only EEG recording device available we have for now. All files with EEG
data we use are stored in it in specific file format. And till the last
time all our EEG data processing was using the built-in Galileo
   But the format of file, in which Galileo stores the patient's data
(with the extention .GTF) is unnknown to other systems and programs for
signal  processing. Naturally, we would like to have the possibility to
use the data recorded with Galileo in other systems.
   So could anybody please give us the description of file format of
Galileo's EEG data. Then it will be possible for us to transform the data
and process it using MatLab. Or maybe you have already the programs
(decoders, converters or smth. like), which can convert the *.gtf files of
Galileo Planet 200 in other form (maybe simple matrix of numbers),
recognizible by MatLab, and you could give us a copy for using in our
researches. Or maybe you can piont us the programs, which work with
Galileo files.
   Thank you very much in advance for paying attention to
our message. We will appreciate any help you give us.
With best regards,
Anton A. Popov, Diagnostic devices Laboratory, Physical
and Biomedical electronics Dept., National technical university of Ukraine
and Biomedical electronics Dept., National technical university of Ukraine

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