[Eeglablist] distributed processing

Joseph Brooks joeb at berkeley.edu
Mon Mar 21 15:56:49 PST 2005

Hello All,

I planning on writing some code to distribute processing of timef and 
crossf for many subjects across various computers on our network. This will 
help to reduce the overall time it takes to process a group of subjects 
with these functions. Basically, I just want to do as many subjects as 
possible in parallel. Has anyone done something like this already? If so, 
I'd appreciate any advice you have on doing it or code you would care to 
share. I will, of course, share any code that I develop for this purpose. 
We have a linux network of computers as well as networked windows machines. 
So, anything on either of those platforms would be helpful.

I'm looking into the recently-released Distributed Computing Toolbox for 
Matlab, but I haven't gotten my hands on it yet. Does anyone have any 
experience with this?


Joseph Brooks

Joseph L. Brooks

Neurology Service
Veterans Administration Medical Center, Martinez, CA

Department of Psychology
University of California, Berkeley 

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