[Eeglablist] More on memory, 64-bit Opteron

Arnaud Delorme arno at salk.edu
Thu Mar 24 08:32:25 PST 2005

Dear Jim,

> Matlab has a limit on the size of an array or matrix because of the 
> memory address size. On 32 bit computers it was 2^31 (maybe 32). On 
> the 64-bit version, it's unfortunately still 2^31 for compatibility, 
> but you can now have multiple of those arrays/matrixes.

I was able to reserve more than 3Gb in a single array (below) on the 
beta version of Matlab 64-bit for AMD Opteron computer (ours has 6Gb of 
RAM and is running Linux).

  a     39000x10000           3120000000  double array

On the web page below (which is more than 6-month old so it might 
already be outdated?), they mention that you should be able to create 
arrays of size up to 16Gb under Matlab 64-bit


About your sampling frequency (2048 Hz). Unless you want to perform 
simultaneous fMRI recordings, it is probably not necessary to sample at 
more than 512Hz.

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