[Eeglablist] 'ncomps' option for runica

Peter Bachman bachman at lifesci.ucla.edu
Thu Mar 24 11:29:32 PST 2005

Hi everyone,

I am interested in running an ICA decomposition on a 128-channel set of
epoched EEG data, specifying the number of components I would like the
solution to include (I can run the decomposition successfully to produce
128 components - I would like to request fewer).

Using the pop_runica GUI, I have attempted to use the ncomps option (and
have reattempted to use ncomps using every modification of the syntax I
could think of) but receive a variety of errors.  

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience using the ncomps option for
runica, and if so, could you suggest specific syntax.  Or if anyone has
any suggestions as to how I could approach the problems differently, I'd
sincerely appreciate the input.

Thanks in advance for your time,

Peter Bachman
PhD Candidate, Clinical Psychology
UCLA Department of Psychology

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