[Eeglablist] Re: plottopo(data, 'chan_locs', frames, limits, title, channels, ...)

mkang at email.unc.edu mkang at email.unc.edu
Thu Mar 24 14:57:48 PST 2005

Hi all!

I am a beginner in wavelet analysis.
I am going to handle Wavelet analysis with EEG dataset(*.avg, *.eeg,...)
The dataset mainly come from Neuroscan 4.2 which generate brain imaging data.

There are two jobs concerned;
1. produce the same plots for each electrode, which enables us to compare them
with the plots that Neuroscan 4.2 generated.
2. If condition 1 is satistified, go to wavelet analysis.

Before going to wavelet analysis, we want to compare the results with
Neuroscan's, which is possible to make sure that the dataset can be treated
in the same way into MATLAB. It's enough that some MATLAB toolbox will have
the same electrode plots for the original signal as in Neuroscan.

Since Neuroscan can not perform the wavelet analysis, I will use MATLAB
toolbox. I am a little bit learning about EEGLAB and Wavelet toolbox. That's
all I know. Wavelet toolbox is a more convenient way to produce wavelet
analysis results(decomposition and reconstruction, which is more convenient
to use the graphical interface), but doesn't seem to import EEG dataset into
that toolbox, because the plot turned out to be nothing.

Even though wavlet toolbox doesn't show better plots, can we do wavelet
analysis with that toolbox, because EEGLAB toolbox produced the same plots?
There are several MATLAB toolbox.

For example, I successfully loaded EEG dataset into EEGLAB, and produced the
same plots as in Neuroscan, and I prefer to use Wavelet toolbox for wavelet
analysis. However, I am not sure wavelet toolbox can load EEG dataset, and
that toolbox doesn't generate the same plots as in Neuroscan.

So, I have one question. Which toolbox is the most convenient and better for
wavelet analysis? We have to produce the same results like plots.
Can we analyze the data with signal processing toolbox for wavelet?

Please let me know.

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