[Eeglablist] cortical surface reconstruction

Marcello Massimini (marcello.massimini) marcello.massimini at unimi.it
Mon Mar 28 16:56:03 PST 2005


We have location of points describing the cortex (x,y,z coordinates). 
Along with this we also have normals orientation (direction components 
x,y,z) in arbitary units. We are facing the problem of recreating the 
cortical surface using this information. We know there are 7150 
triangles present in our data set but we dont know how to visualise 
them back in matlab using the above two inputs (locations and 
normals) .

Any help or suggestion will be appreciated.

Thanks very much,

Marcello Massimini MD, PhD
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Dept. of Psychiatry
University of Wisconsin - Madison
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