[Eeglablist] cohangles output from CROSSF

Joseph Brooks joeb at berkeley.edu
Tue Mar 29 00:19:33 PST 2005

I am using the cohangles output from crossf to determine the phase 
difference between two signals. I have used the default 'angleunit' to 
output in degrees. However, I'm not sure that the matrix that is being 
output is actually in degrees. It looks more to me like these numbers are 
in radians (given their magnitude and by comparing them to the output of 
the GUI for the same data). What is the unit for the values output to the 
cohangles matrix when calling CROSSF from the command line and using the 
default 'angleunit'?

Sorry if this issue has already been covered. I couldn't find it in a brief 
search of the archives or in the tutorial.

Thanks for any help.


Joseph Brooks

Joseph L. Brooks

Neurology Service
Veterans Administration Medical Center, Martinez, CA

Department of Psychology
University of California, Berkeley 

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