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Febo Cincotti febo.cincotti at uniroma1.it
Tue Mar 29 02:31:59 PST 2005

Dear Marcello,
As far as I understood the only information you have about the cortical mesh
is the vertex coordinates and the vertex normals. This is not sufficient for
a straightforward reconstruction of the mesh (unless you set up some fancy
triangulation algorithm, which is not necessarily re-creating the original
mesh; the result could suffer from topological errors, e.g. shortcuts
between sulci, very unsmooth portions, etc).
Unless this is *really* inconvenient, I would go in the direction of asking
more information to who provided you with the vertices. 
Hope it helps


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We have location of points describing the cortex (x,y,z coordinates). 
Along with this we also have normals orientation (direction components
x,y,z) in arbitary units. We are facing the problem of recreating the
cortical surface using this information. We know there are 7150 triangles
present in our data set but we dont know how to visualise them back in
matlab using the above two inputs (locations and
normals) .

Any help or suggestion will be appreciated.

Thanks very much,

Marcello Massimini MD, PhD
Research Associate
Dept. of Psychiatry
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Research Park Blvd.
Madison, 53719, WI
Ph. (608) 265-4460 


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