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Aston s.seri at aston.ac.uk
Thu Apr 7 13:55:29 PDT 2005

Dear all,
just started to really use EEGLab. My current dataset is obtained from CTF 151 channe Omega MEG equipment and consists of auditory P50 suppression paradigm.
2 main aims:
1) compute localisation (and orientation) of dipolar sources of the S1 (prepulse) MLAEF and of the S2 (startling) stimuls. For this EEGLab, as far as I can understand, seems to compute the inverse solution according to a 3-sphere model with conductivities of the 3 layers in a way that must be EEG targeted. Has anybody procesed MEG data using the dipfit routine ? Can the conductivity values be edited taking into account the MEG factor? Can you save mean and SD of the stength of dipolar sources of the S1 P5 and of the S2 P50 and XYZ, orientation and azimuth for statistical processing across subjects?

2) looking at ERSP following the S1 and looking as to whether this hides some clues as to why is the response to S2 suppressed. Again are the TF representation values available for saving in a Matlab array and ultimately in a file?

Sorry for the lengthy EMAIL and the probably "boring" questions. From a novice of EEGLab

Stefano Seri
Aston University
Birmingham, UK
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