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Maarten Mennes Maarten.Mennes at med.kuleuven.be
Thu May 19 00:51:46 PDT 2005


I have a very small script which does the thing you describe, but for 
each subset individually.
This is the m-file content:

EEG = pop_saveset( EEG, [EEG.setname,'.set']);
eeglab redraw

I imagine that you can easily write the first line into a loop going 
through the ALLEEG matrix, saving each set in that matrix with its 
respective setname.

hope this helped,

Citeren Sven Muller <scm at psychology.nottingham.ac.uk>:

> Hi,
> I have a question concerning the save currentdata set and the 
> pop_saveset function.
> After a stream of processing on original EEG data I have, say 16 
> sub-sets. Instead of wanting to manually save each one of them I
> would 
> like to automate it. For this I
> use the pop_saveset function. However, as it happens, occasionnally,
> the order of sets (conditions) within one big (alleeg) dataset might
> be 
> different.
> I have seen that there is no option to specify the setname in
> addition 
> to the set index in the pop_saveset function. Is there another way of
> automatically saving big datasets into smaller datasets using their 
> setname as the filename to which they should be saved? Otherwise it 
> would be difficult to distinguish between the set just according to 
> their index numbers.
> Would it be possible to add this option (setname) to future versions
> of 
> eeglab pop_saveset?.
> many thanks
> Sven Mueller
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