[Eeglablist] ica mixture model

Jian Zhou jzhou at ee.ryerson.ca
Thu May 26 12:01:31 PDT 2005


I am very interested in Dr. Te-Won Lee and Dr. M.S. Lewicki's ICA mixture
model algorithm. I found there are two papers focusing on this topic. One is
"unsupervised image classification, segmentation, and enhancement using ica
mixture model" that uses Laplacian to approximate super-Gaussian and a
bimodal to approximate sub-Gaussian, and the other paper is "the generalized
Gaussian mixture model using ica" that uses exponential power distributions
to approximate non-Gaussian distributions.

I am wondering where I can download the matlab code to test the ICA mixture
model algorithms. Or are they going to be included in eeglab toolbox?


Jian Zhou

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ryerson University

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