[Eeglablist] conversion of dipoles Eeglab coord into Talairach

Philip Michael Zeman pzeman at alumni.uvic.ca
Mon Jun 6 10:36:05 PDT 2005


I have the sense that there are a number of people who would like to find
out how to related the DIPFIT localization to Talairach or SPM or MNI
coordinates.  Could someone post some detailed information on this topic?  I
was told that I should just look at the figure DIPFIT provides however I've
also heard (and read) that the pictures DIPFIT provides comes from the MNI
database.  Additionally, I've heard the next release of EEGLab will have a
coordinate system that will work with common location databases.

My question to those who have the answers to this:  What are the real
answers and methods we should be using?  This information would be helpful
to myself as well.


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> Hi all
> I have a problem on how to convert dipole cordinates as they as they
> in the pop_dipfit_manual window into Talairach mm coordinates.
> Any help is appreciated
> Many thanks
> Paolo
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