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Dear Anna;
The ³delta² response in the P300 ERP may be a reflection of eye movement
artifact, especially when comparing a patient group with healthy
participants. If this is the case with your recordings, one way to address
it  is with  particularly stringent manual  editing prior to EEGLAB
analysis. If the paradigm is the auditory ³oddball² ERP, an additional
consideration might be to analyze only  temporoparietal channels.
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Hello all, 

I have an ERP dataset and am interested in the P300 response.  I now need
to proceed with a single trial analysis, firstly to identify whether the
P300 is/is not present in each trial and secondly to attain amplitude and
latency data for those trials showing a P300.  Also considering recent
suggestions that the delta response dominates the P300 response, can anyone
recommend a suitable procedure?

Any suggestions and/or advice will be greatly appreciated.



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