[Eeglablist] time frequency decomposition

Rachel Seabrook rseabrook at brookes.ac.uk
Wed Jul 20 07:24:12 PDT 2005

In the timef command, the cycles parameter gives the option to choose FFT,
wavelets or multitaper and if wavelets, how many cycles to each time
window and whether/how this should be varied with frequency.

Firstly, a technical question. If I use the default settings of [3 0.5], I
understand that this means 3 cycles per window for the lowest frequency
(though I don't know what the lowest frequency is, or how that is
determined) but I don't know exactly what the 0.5 means.

Secondly, relating more to the underlying mathematical theory, can anyone
advise me on how to choose between these options, or point me towards
references that would help me understand the implications of each? Our
results depend heavily on which parameters we use - peaks of gamma
activity come and go with different variations.

Thank you very much,


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