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Arnaud Delorme arno at salk.edu
Thu Jul 21 09:10:06 PDT 2005

Dear Nathan,

thank you for your answer. This was the feeling I had about Octave too. 
Since most EEGLAB functions are about delivering graphical outputs, it 
seems relatively unrealistic that we will port them to Octave anytime 
soon. Also, with a limited amount of human resource, we have other more 
urgent things to implement (component clustering etc...). If someone 
wants to adapt a specific signal processing function to Octave, they 
should ask us first for the latest version of the function (which is not 
necessarily the version distributed on the internet) or we might not be 
able to take their contribution into account.



Nathan Weisz wrote:

>Dear Ansgar,
>first of all, I can't find anything on the EEGLAB homepage that promises
>it should run under Octave.
>But nevertheless I understand that it would be desirable. I always feel
>uncomfortable of being so dependent on the Mathworks (... but EEGLAB is
>so nice and I'm too lazy :-)). Your question reminds of a question
>someone asked to the Octave-list a couple of days ago, whether SPM has
>already been ported to Octave yet.
>The answer is quite simple: 
>1. Anything GUIish (like EEGLAB) can't be ported as a whole to octave at
>the moment. You'll also run into problems with some graphics stuff too.
>2. Functions only doing calculations should run with no or only very
>minor changes (you can report these incompatibilities to the Octave
>So one solution for you - if you know exactly which functions you need
>and really don't want to / can't use Matlab - would be to grab those
>functions, and dump any GUI (and perhaps graphics) stuff. If you can't
>get things visualized nicely in Octave (although this thing looks
>promising: http://octaviz.sourceforge.net/index.php?page=about) you
>might want to use are R (http://www.r-project.org/). It has a package
>called R.matlab, which allows you  
>to read .mat files to the R-workspace. Graphics functions are as good or
>perhaps even better than in Matlab.
>In the long run there might be hope. There are some efforts to develop
>GUI functionality in Octave:
>Only if such projects are successful, then - given enough developers and
>users - something like an Octave EEGLAB would be conceivable. But I
>wouldn't expect this to happen very soon though.
>BTW: I think the recent Octave version is 2.1.71
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>On 20.07.2005, at 11:01, Dr. Ansgar Bach wrote:
>I'm new to eeglab as well as to octave. I use Octave for i386
>platform and I want to use the eeglab (eeglab4.515) functions in
>It works in matlab (on windows PC) but it does not work in ocatve. I
>with the commands << octave --exec-path PATH-EEGLAB >>
>and then << eeglab.m >> but the results are parse errors.
>How can I make octave using eeglab, or is my octave-version maybe too
>Many thanks for help
>Ansgar Bach
>Charite - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
>Klinik Psychatrie und Psychotherapie
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