[Eeglablist] Boundary element?

Borna Noureddin bornan at ece.ubc.ca
Sun Jul 24 12:38:07 PDT 2005


I am interested in using EEGLAB with a realistic head model instead of a 
spherical shell model.  I noticed there is a little bit of code for 
using a BEM (a call is made to eeg_leadfieldb() in eeg_leadfield.m, but 
eeg_leadfieldb() doesn't seem to exist).

Has any code been written for EEGLAB to actually allow the use of a BEM 
head model?  If so, how can I get it?  If not, are there any plans to do 
so in the near future?

Also, does anyone know of any code to automatically produce a BEM head 
model given a set of MRI slice images and conductivity values?

Thanks for your help.

Borna Noureddin

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