[Eeglablist] erpimage for several subjects

Arnaud Delorme arno at salk.edu
Fri Aug 5 16:25:24 PDT 2005

Dear Maarten,

> is it possible to draw an erpimage of a channel for the data of 
> several  subjects sorted on e.g., reaction times? It is probably 
> possible by  appending several datasets, however, these then become to 
> large to handle.  I would like to do it to several sets loaded in EEGlab.

This is not possible from the GUI yet. This will be possible in the near 
future (and if the data corresponding to each dataset is saved in a 
separate file, EEGLAB will be able to read one channel at a time from 
disk). We are planning to release this by September-October.

As for now, you will have to write a script, and to select and 
concatenate data for the desired channels from each dataset before 
calling the ERPimage function.

Hope this help,



> I assume it possible since Makeig et al. do it in the article 
> published in  PLOS Biology, 2004:2;0747-0762.
> Thanks,
> Maarten

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