[Eeglablist] general question on ICA and EEGLab

peng prion.w at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 20:24:28 PDT 2005

dear advanced users of eeglab:

   I have a group of subjects' data, each have several conditions.
   For each subjects, I imported their data from neuroscan format and
then filt, epoch according each condition and then did baseline
correction. I then rejected the bad trials for each condition, after
which I did ICA analysis for each condition. At last I removed noise
components (blink etc.).
   The questions are
   1 Am I right to did the above? (I think yes according to the
manual, but need confirmation.)
   2 is it possible to get weights for each componet in eeglab? There
were too many components to analysis, I wish to deal with only the
main ones.
   3 Is there certain direct linkage between ICA components and neuro
   4 If yes to 3, is it appropriate to average component between
subjects? eg. By viewing the wave and distribution of componet A1 in
sub1 and componet A2 in sub2, ... componet Ax in subx, I think they're
same or very similar. Is it OK to average them together to form
componet A. If it's philosophically OK, how to realize in eeglab
   5 If 4 is OK. Is it safe to compare componet A, B, C in condition I
with compont A',B',C' in condition II? eg. latency prolonged, 
amplitude decreazed etc.

   Thanks for answers or any comments. If these questions were too
stupid to answer, please suggest some reference articles or sth.

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