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Hi Georges,
from the amount of data EEGLAB is well suited. If your RAM cannot handle the the whole dataset at once, you could e.g. read in stretches of data at a time and process them separately. The direct access to the matlab scripts gives you ample possibilities to speed up processing.
As to your project, you will have a hard time calculating valid Lyapunov exponents etc, since EEG is non-stationary. Chaos is good for characterizing lasers or such physical devices.

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I am new to this list and new to EEGlab. I am participating in a project
with huge amount of data to analyse (12 channels- 250 Hz sampling 16 bit
48 hours continuous EEG) where I am asked to evaluate these signals in
function of eventual non deterministic chaos, strange attractors,
Lyapunov exponents etc.. Can EEGLab handle this or would other packages
do a better job (fi Dataplore). Any ideas how to tackle this data flood


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