[Eeglablist] general question on ICA

karthik sundararaman karthiksundar at indiainfo.com
Thu Sep 8 11:38:50 PDT 2005

 hi all,
I am working on surface EEG records collected for a duration of 20 minutes. during recording the subjects are made to undergo following tasks like eyes open, eyes closed, hyperventilation and exposure to photic stimulations. all the subjects were fully conscious of what was happening with them. My question is regarding the application of ICA to these EEGs
>>Will the independentcomponents associated with these tasks (eyes open, eyes closed, hyperventilation and photic stimulations)  vary a great deal
>>if yes then i have few more questions
Like if for eyes open and closed conditions i have to look into electordes of occipital region
>>but wht are independent components associated with it
>>the independent components dont have a one to one correspondence with each other
>>so how would i be able to know about the variations
thanks in advance for a positive and speedy reply

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