[Eeglablist] How can I figure out correlation between original data and reconstructed data

Jung, Ki-Young kyjung at smc.samsung.co.kr
Wed Sep 21 05:20:07 PDT 2005

Dear EEGLAB expert

I'd like to know how correlate between original data and reconstructed data
of decomposed independent component
in continuous EEG data, not epoched data.
Here correlation mean some statistical power such as correlation
coeffiecient or something.
Is there any method or function to figure out it in EEGLAB?
Any comments will be appreciated.

Jung, Ki-Young, M.D.

Department of Neurology, Samsung Medical Center, Sungkyungkwan University
School of Medicine 
50 Ilwon-dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea 135-710

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