[Eeglablist] fMRI artifact removal

Yuko Yotsumoto yuko at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Tue Sep 27 12:10:34 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I have EEG data recorded in the fMRI scanner.
Our EEGs were recorded with 957 Hz, while fMRI was operating at 4TR with 
35 slices. Recording time was about 160 sec. Trigger signals were 
obtained at every image acquisition (=35 triggers for 4 TR).

I'm trying to remove EPI noise artifacts with fMRIb plug-in, but have 
been unable to get clean results.

With fMRIb plug-in, I used parameter sets such as follows.

Low-pass filter cut off : 30
Interpolation folds : 21
Artifact-timing event : slice
ANC : on
Correct for missing triggers : off
Relative trigger location : 0
# of residuals PC to remove : auto

I am wondering if our sampling rate of 957 Hz might not be high enough 
to use fMRIb plug-in. Have anybody in this mailing list tried this plug 
in with a similar sampling rate? Did it work?



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