[Eeglablist] sphering problem

Philip Michael Zeman madhackr at uvic.ca
Thu Oct 13 12:57:54 PDT 2005


check to make sure all of your eeg channels have non-zero data.  (You might 
have one EEG channel that is zero over the entire record.)

~Phil Zeman

>===== Original Message From Mikhail Zvyagintsev <MZvyagintsev at UKAachen.de> 
>Dear EEGLAB users,
>Could you, please, tell me what would be the possible reasons in ICA
>processing (runica.m) that
>after calculating of 'sqrtm' from covariance matrix of data without mean
>(string in runica.m(line 748 in version eeglab4.515) - sqrtm(cov(data'))
>I always get NaN matrix. 'cov' returns 'normal' covariance matrix.
>Thank you,
>Mikhail Zvyagintsev
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