[Eeglablist] import artifact cleaned epochs back to Brain Vision Analyzer or Neuroscan Edit?

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Thu Oct 27 09:58:13 PDT 2005


The below information might be relevant if EEGLAB uses BIOSIG for the
formats you are working with.

Some data formats are exported/imported by BIOSIG another open source
software that is part of EEGLAB. A newer version of BIOSIG solve my issue. I
had a data format related issue recently - EDF format files were being
opened by a EEG viewer called Polyman. However EEGLAB was giving a 'function
not found fprinf' error when I tried to import the same into EEGLAB using
the import file option found at "file-->import data --> From .EDF file using

I was able to overcome this issue by replacing the biosig folder within my
eeglab install folder with the latest BIOSIG sources found at
sourceforge.net <http://sourceforge.net>
I checked the version file under the old and new BIOSIG folder and found the
following differences -

New file version
# BIOSIG http://biosig.sf.net/
# Version: 157
# Date: 2005-07-19

Old file version
# BIOSIG http://biosig.sf.net/
# Version: 086
# Date: 2004-11- 5

- Yogesh
Research Assistant,
Medical Intelligence and Language Engineering Lab,
Dept of Elect Engg,
Indian Institute of Science,
Bangalore India.

On 10/27/05, Daniel H. Mathalon < daniel.mathalon at yale.edu> wrote:
> Has anyone been able to reconstitute the EEG epochs after exclusion
> of artifact ICA components (eye blink, muscle), then reimport the
> epochs into a program such as Neuroscan Edit or Brain Vision
> Analyzer? We have not had success trying to do this so far.
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