[Eeglablist] import artifact cleaned epochs back to Brain Vision Analyzer or Neuroscan Edit?

Arnaud Delorme arno at salk.edu
Thu Oct 27 10:07:29 PDT 2005

Daniel H. Mathalon wrote:

> Has anyone been able to reconstitute the EEG epochs after exclusion of 
> artifact ICA components (eye blink, muscle), then reimport the epochs 
> into a program such as Neuroscan Edit or Brain Vision Analyzer?  We 
> have not had success trying to do this so far.

There will be new functionalities in the next revision of EEGLAB 
including an export function for the Brain Vision Analyser exchange 
format. The plugin is available in this web page.


Simply uncompress it in the plugin folder of eeglab (and move the 
bvaimport folder - keep it just in case you encounter problem with the 
new plugin).



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