[Eeglablist] Question regarding plotting two data sets in the samechannel data scroll window.

Arnaud Delorme arno at salk.edu
Fri Oct 28 09:54:34 PDT 2005

Thanks. Note that this will be also available in the next release of 
EEGLAB (it was actually programmed for the specific problem mentionned 



José Pedro Marques wrote:

>I just adapted the eegplot function to do that for me. This eegplot2
>function should be used exactly in the same way as eegplot:
>here goes an example
>EEGclean = pop_subcomp( EEG, [2  11  13  16  21], 0);
>eegplot2( [EEG.data EEGclean.data],'srate', EEG.srate,'limits', [EEG.xmin
>EEG.xmax]*1000 , 'winlength', 10, 'events', EEG.event )
>All the best,

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