[Eeglablist] out of memory

Timur Cetin timur.cetin at charite.de
Sat Nov 5 09:07:24 PST 2005


I haven't worked with EGI but with *.edf-files with a size of up to 300 MB
when I encountered the same out-of-memory problem.
The only way to solve this problem was to cut those files into smaller
pieces of not more than about 60 MB before importing them into EEGlab.


Am Fr, 4.11.2005, 17:54, schrieb pickard at telusplanet.net:
> Hi everyone,
> Although this has been mentioned in the archives, I couldn't really find
> a satisfactory solution mentioned.  Has anyone determined how to import
> larger EGI Net Station files (ours are 400 to 600 MB) into EEGLAB?  We use
> a dual processor G5 with 2.5 GB Ram and OS X.  Has anyone tried importing
> the data "piecewise" (either restricting the file to a specific subset of
> channels or specific timeframes and then concatenating the files in
> Thanks for your help!
> Patti
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